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How To Cancel Media Craze Subscription? Is It A Scam?

Is Media Craze Subscription a Scam or Legit? Many individuals report that upon attempting to register for a Media Craze Account, they receive no content or benefits in line with their subscription plan. In light of these negative reviews, numerous people seek ways to terminate their Media Craze Subscription but struggle to find the correct procedure. Fear not, as we’ll outline cancellation methods later in this article.

The notion that Media Craze members enjoy unrestricted access to movies, music, games, and audiobooks is a complete scam. Several people attest to encountering similar websites to Media Craze, which promise unrestricted entertainment to entice unsuspecting users. However, upon signing up, they discover illicit content, prompting them to cancel their subscriptions.

Canceling your Media Craze Subscription can be challenging due to its fraudulent nature. Nevertheless, you can attempt to cancel it online via your account or contact their service team for assistance in the cancellation process.

Why Media Craze Is a Scam – Mediacraze.Net Reviews

After extensive online reviews, it’s evident that Media Craze (mediacraze.net) is a fraudulent website. Beware of this site, as they charge for subscriptions and provide illegal content without offering refunds.

Key Negative Aspects of Media Craze Include:

  1. The website owner conceals their identity with a paid WHOIS service, making it impossible to find information about them online.
  2. Accusations of selling fake products.
  3. Low Trustscore rating and many fraud votes on Scamadvisor.
  4. Not a single positive review found.
  5. Recent registration without legal certification.
  6. Hosting illegal content.
  7. Lack of trust from Trend Micro.

How to Cancel Media Craze Subscription?

If you’re someone who has subscribed and now wants to cancel, Media Craze doesn’t provide a straightforward method or option for cancellation. In essence, you’ve fallen into Media Craze’s trap.

So, How can you cancel your Media Craze Subscription?

The first method is to contact their Customer Support Service team and seek their assistance in cancellation. However, some claim that their contact service is unavailable or their contact details are illegal or unresponsive.

Still, it’s recommended to attempt cancellation by contacting these numbers. Here are Media Craze’s contact details:

Media Craze Contact Number: +1 844-763-7136 Media Craze Email Address: [email protected]

Reach out via phone or email, and if you manage to connect with a team member, request guidance to cancel your Media Craze Subscription.

The second method to cancel your Media Craze subscription is to log in to your Media Craze Account. If you spot a cancel button on your account, click it to cancel your subscription. Note that the presence of a Cancel button on your account is not guaranteed. You can access your account from the Media Craze login page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get a Refund for the Media Craze Subscription?

No, you cannot. Once you subscribe to their plan, you won’t receive a refund even if you cancel. Given that Media Craze is a scam, getting a refund from them is futile.


Exercise caution when considering subscriptions from new or suspicious websites. Always read online reviews and thoroughly research the website or company to determine its legitimacy before subscribing. Otherwise, you may fall victim to scams like the Media Craze subscription and encounter difficulties in canceling your subscription.